Mold infestations in your home is one of the most dangerous problems the structure can bring onto you and your family. Mold is sneaky, easily spread, and commonly dangerous. Imagine you have a small leak in your home and clean up the leak within the day. You leave the problem “fixed” and don’t ever think about it again.

Now fast forward to months later…you are walking on your wood floors and fell a softness in a wood board. What could possibly be the cause of this? Well, you guessed it. The small flood in your home months earlier has decided to stay for a while and leave problems in your floors, probably including MOLD! Mold is easily started by leaks and water damage, even if you think you cleaned it all up. The smallest amount of enclosed moisture, including humidity, can be just enough to start a mold spore which then just grows and grows. The mold spawns from moisture and thrives in that environment. Keeping moisture and humidity enclosed in your home is one of the main causes of mold. HOWEVER, this is not the only way mold can start spreading in your home!

There are many other factors that can contribute to mold growth which is why it’s always important to get mold inspections from professionals when you have a reason to believe you have mold!


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